Commodity Trading

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Commodity Market


Commodity trading is an essential part of the financial market that provides investors the opportunity to rule out market volatility and make profits. Indian market offers a wide variety of commodities for trading, which are classified as precious metal, base metal, energy and agro-based commodities. More often online commodity trading is traded in futures, where future contracts are traded and not commodities itself.



One of the major benefits of commodity trading is that it is traded in form of commodity future contracts, in which one can make profit without actual possession of the commodity. Few other benefits are:

Potential for higher returns

Commodity future trading is done on margins, thus investors get greater leverage and have the opportunity to get higher returns.

Correlated markets

Some commodities are fundamentally global commodities and their prices are highly correlated across the markets in several countries, leaving less room for manipulations.


Returns generated in commodity market are independent of the price fluctuations of the equity market or debt market and thus creating a good investment diversification.

Inflation protection

Investment in commodity future is an inflation hedging tool, as commodity prices establish the price levels and protect against inflation

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