Upcoming IPO (Initial Public Offer )

Upcoming IPO (Initial Public Offer)

IPO is nothing but Initial Public Offer. IPO is a segment under the primary market where the secondary market is the stock market To invest in an upcoming IPO in India is also an investment strategy, when the company moves to the expansion mode, it sells its shares through this process for raising funds. These funds are mainly used to raise the working capital of the company and they can also clear off their debts using these funds. 

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IPO Stocks in India – More Details

In this IPO, there would be an application time of three days during which you can apply for it. In this process, a brand price would be fixed, say, Rs.100 to Rs. 104 where Rs.104 is said to be the cut-off price within which you can quote. On a priority basis, you would have more possibilities to acquire.

IPO Market Lot
The next thing is about the market lot. The value of a single lot would be around Rs.15000. You can apply for multiple lots. As a retail investor. You can invest only about 2 lakhs in an IPO. If you want to invest more than 2 lakhs, like 4 lakhs or 5 lakhs, you can open a Demat trading account with your wife or relatives or friend’s name. You can try them also. Since it is lottery-based, it works systematically.
For example, coming to the car trade is an upcoming IPO with an application time as of August 9, 10, and 11. The allotment basis is offered till 17 th August. On 17th August, you would get to know about your allotment i.e, whether you have allotted or not. If you have not allotted, you can make use of the refund initiation process on 18th August. If you have an allotment, you would obtain the shared credit by 20th August and the IPO would list the stock market on 23 rd August. Thus every IPO process takes a time of about 10 days. The returns for these 10 days that are given by the IPOs in recent days are successful. Hence, the retail investors positively impact the IPO and use it as an investment strategy. 
In the car trade IPO, they have quoted the face value as Rs.10 and share price as Rs. 1585 to Rs,1618. The maximum price i.e, Rs.1618 is the priority price and the minimum lot size is the purchase of a single lot. The total shares of a single lot are about 9 shares and the maximum lot size is about 13 lots with 117 shares. You have to invest about Rs.1,89,306. You can acquire the total lots only based on the allotment and there is no priority over the applications. i.e, you might not be prioritized when you apply early or late or apply over multiple lots. People often apply using multiple broker accounts by opening Demat trading accounts. This is not advisable as it leads to rejection without any benefits. You can try a strategy through contacts to apply by opening four or more Demat trading accounts. Among those, there is a possibility of about two.
Latest  & Trending IPOs

The latest IPOs such as Zomato, Tatva Chintan, Glenmark life, and Rolex rings perform well in the market in recent times. The returns such as Zomato offers 65%, Tatva offers 113%, and Rolex rings about 29%. These are the expected returns for one year, but these IPOs offer better returns for one day. Hence you can use an IPO investment strategy in India for your investments. You have to keep on trying though you couldn’t acquire it through subscriptions.IPO can be applied through internet banking. I have applied for zomato through HDFC bank for a single lot and I have obtained that for Rs.76 and booked for about Rs. 130. I have received a decent return of about Rs.10,000 for my investment of about Rs.15,000. 

You can also give it a try. You can apply for an IPO through net banking or a broker. The process is very easy and looks similar to filling in the blanks. All your details can be obtained from your net banking and all you need to provide is your DP number, Beneficiary number, and your broker code. Once it is done, the amount in your account would be held. For example, if you have about 1 lakh in your account and a lot is about Rs.14900, this Rs.14900 is blocked. If you have allotted, this amount will be debited and be credited to your Demat account as a share. If you suppose your amount is not debited, you might get to know that you have not allocated. 

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