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Learn stock market from our online and offline classes, we are dedicated to provide the right knowledge and guidance to help them achieve success in stock market. Our team are good experienced professional has 14+ experience in the industry and we are passionate to help others learn and grow in stock market and commodity trading.

We are covering everything from very basics of investing to advanced trading strategies and offering many courses to fit your own specific needs and improve your skills. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn about basics or experienced trader looking to improve your trading skills or refine your strategy, our courses will fulfill your disciplined trading plan, money management and risk management.

Stock Market Trading

Learn about stock market from best training academy with a very affordable price. We will teach from very basics to advanced level. Start your trading journey with proper Start your trading journey with
Option Trading Course
Course is designed to provide an introduction to option trading. This course covers from basics concepts of option trading which will make you’re foundation strong before you start you’re option trading journey.
Option strategy course in Chennai
Option strategy Course
Course convers option trading strategies that trader can maximize their profits and minimize risk with proper rules based trading right entry, entry exit, right stop loss. Strategies include buying
Technical trading course in chennai

Technical Analysis Course

Course covers from basics of chart reading for making a trading decision from candlestick patterns, identifying proper support & resistance level, trend analysis,
Commodity Trading Course
Course cover about basic understanding of commodity market and about Option trading. Option trading strategy which can Option trading strategy which can

Share Market Training Academy

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In our Academy, we understand that the stock market can be looking very complicated and hard to learn, but we believe that the right knowledge and making things to understand in simplified manner, so that anyone can learn about stock market, commodity trading, technical analysis, option basics, option strategy also commodity option trading (crude oil & natural gas option) with easy understanding and we guide them towards successful trading path.

We pride ourselves for being most trusted stock market training academy and our track record to making stock market learn more simplified has been great from the student’s/traders feedback. Join us today and let’s take the first step towards to Learn from us and achieving your financial goal.


Our course is useful for beginners, employees, investor, trader, student, housewives and also retired people.

Absolutely! Our stock market course is designed to cater to individuals with no prior experience in finance or stock markets. We provide step-by-step guidance and cover all the basics to ensure that you have a solid foundation in investing.

It depends on the course you’re taking. If you’re taking our Option strategy course, technical analysis course and commodity market course will give you an understand how to trade in the market.

You will be having course duration from minimum 2.5 hours to maximum 5.5 hours duration.

It's available in both mobile application and web.
Application – you need to download Invest Chennai in your play store.