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Option Trading Foundation Course in Chennai

This course is designed to provide participants with a strong foundation in option trading, starting from the basics. It covers various important topics that are essential for understanding and successfully trading options.

Introduction: The course begins with an introduction to option trading, highlighting the importance of options as financial instruments and their role in the market. Participants will gain an understanding of the potential benefits and risks associated with options.

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commodity OPTION trading course in chennai

Topics covered in this course include:

Basics of derivatives:

Understanding what is derivative and how the options values are the derived. Understanding the nature of call option and put option and what is option buying and option selling what you have to trade according to your view of the market.

Nature of option with types of option:

Understanding the nature of call option and put option and what is option buying and option selling what you have to trade according to your view of the market.

Market Terminologies in Futures and Options: To effectively trade options, it is crucial to be familiar with key terminologies specific to futures and options markets. This section of the course covers terms such as strike price, expiration date, premium, underlying asset, and more. Participants will gain a solid understanding of these terminologies to navigate the options market with confidence.

Lot size and expiry contact:

Understanding the expiry of stock options and index option and what is the lots size. Throughout the course, students will have a solid understanding of how to trade options, how option are calculated, manage risk and lot more which will be help for them while trading in option.

Premium calculation:

Options have two components of value: time value and intrinsic value. Participants will gain an understanding of these concepts and how they contribute to an option’s overall price. They will learn how to assess the factors influencing time value and intrinsic value and make informed trading decisions based on these considerations.

Options Greek: Delta, Gamma theta, Vega and rho.

Delta Calculation: Delta is a crucial concept in option trading as it measures the sensitivity of an option’s price to changes in the underlying asset’s price. Participants will learn how to calculate and interpret delta values, enabling them to assess the potential risk and reward associated with different options positions.

Time Decay: Options have a limited lifespan, and their values are influenced by the passage of time. This section of the course focuses on time decay or theta, explaining how it affects option prices as expiration approaches. Participants will understand the importance of time decay in option trading and learn strategies to manage this decay effectively.

Option chain: where you will be understanding about OI and change it OI how to analyse the option chain data.

Moneyless of an option contact:

 Understanding about ATM, ITM, OTM.

Trading rule:

Understanding, emotions, risk management and developing a trading plan.

Order types:

What are the types of order you have in option trading which will be useful for your trading?

Difference between CE & PE buying and selling:

 Understanding the difference between how call option and put option buyers make profit and how on call option and put option sellers make profit?

Profiting as a Call and Put Option Buyer and Seller: Participants will learn about the different strategiesare involved in buying and selling call and put options. They will understand how call option buyers profit from upward price movements in the underlying asset, while put option buyers profit from downward price movements. Similarly, the course will delve into the strategies and techniques used by call and put option sellers to generate income or manage their positions.

By covering these essential topics, the course aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in option trading with confidence. Whether you are interested in buying or selling options, understanding market terminologies, delta calculation, time decay, and the concept of value will help you make informed decisions and potentially profit from options trading.

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