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Commodity Market Trading Course

Commodity trading Course in Chennai

Welcome to the commodity market trading course in this course will be covering the important concepts and techniques to be used in commodity market trading weather. If you are a beginner or an experience it this course will provide you the proper knowledge and the important tools improve your Trading skill and achieve a better result in commodity Trading.

Commodity foundation course just for 300 –

Commodity Strategy course –

commodity option trading course In Chennai

What is Commodity Trading?

Understanding about the commodity market and the product available for trading in our Indian market

Why Commodity Trading?

 how it can be an advantage for a trader who would like to diversify his trading or else a person who is doing job or business or even a student who can trade into the commodity market and use a great opportunity as a market is open from 9:00 am to 11:30 PM and one more impart thing to know is in commodity market trading there are very few products to trade like gold silver, copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, crude oil and natural gas and all the products have mini product as well for small capital traders.

Commodity vs stock market:

Understanding the difference between the commodity market and the stock market and understanding the advantage of Trading gold and silver over the online trading vs physical trading calling.

Option:  Commodity market have launched Option contract just few years back and liquidity and volume are good in product like crude oil option, natural gas option, silver option.

Understanding the option types and the nature of call and put option, what is option buying & option selling?

High margin: Understanding why an option seller needs huge margin than an option buyer.

Order Types: , enabling them to execute trades more effectively. They will understand the importance of choosing the appropriate order type based on market conditions and trading objectives.

Margin calculation: Enabling them to execute trades more effectively. They will understand the importance of choosing the appropriate order type based on market conditions and trading objectives.

Option Greeks: key factors that influence option prices. These include Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega, and Rho. Participants will learn how to interpret and utilize these Greeks to make informed trading decisions.

Option chain:  The option chain is a valuable tool that helps participants identify options with good liquidity, buyer and seller volumes, and tight bid-ask spreads. Participants will learn how to analyse the option chain effectively, enabling them to identify attractive trading opportunities.

Option Strategy: Non directional Trading strategy – Short straddle and Short strangle strategy to earn generate a good consistent income which can be traded by after 8:00 pm and end your trading by 11:00 pm.

Option selling strategy is a great way to make profit if you understand the right approach how to entry a trade, how to handle a trade after entering a trade, how to do strike shifting, how to have realistic profit approach, when to exit, what will be the max loss each and everything is been explained in the course.

By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the commodity market and how to apply non-directional trading strategies. They will be equipped to identify trading opportunities, manage risk effectively, and increase their profits in various market conditions. The course provides valuable insights and tools to enhance participants’ trading skills. Enroll in the course now to gain a competitive edge in the commodity market.

A key aspect covered in the course is the concept of high margin requirements for option sellers. Participants will explore why option sellers need to maintain significant margins compared to option buyers. They will gain insights into the risk management strategies employed by option sellers to protect their positions.

Non-directional trading strategies, such as the short straddle and short strangle strategies, are also covered in the course. Participants will understand how these strategies can generate consistent income, especially during specific trading hours.

Commodity foundation course just for 300 –

Commodity Strategy course –

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