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Free Stock Market Training Classes in Chennai

Have you ever wondered about the stock market and how it works? Well, you’re not alone! The the very basics to advanced concepts, in a simple and easy way. Guess what?  We offer both free and paid classes, and you can choose to attend either online or offline. Let’s dive in and explore this exciting opportunity!

Learning about Basics of Option market: Offline Classes

Each month, we hosts free classes that focus on the basics of the stock market, especially Option trading. If you’re interested in trading in the Option market, these classes are perfect for you. You see, before you start trading, it’s crucial to truly understand how things work. It’s not just about thinking, “If the market goes up, I’ll buy a ‘CE’ Option, and if it goes down, I’ll buy a ‘PE’ Option.” Nope, it’s more than that! You’ll learn about things like Option Greeks, which aren’t as complicated as they sound, and how to pick the right strikes and many more topics

What Will You Learn?

At the Invest Chennai Stock Market Training Academy, you’ll cover a bunch of interesting topics. Here’s a quick look at what they’ll help you understand:

How the Stock Market Functions: Get a peek into the world of stocks and how they move.

Derivatives Market: Explore what this special market is all about.

Introduction to Option Market: Dive into the world of options and what they mean.

Understanding CE and PE Options: Learn about these two important types of options.

Buying and Selling Options: Discover how you can either buy or sell options.

Decoding “Strikes” in Options: Understand what this term means and why it matters.

Getting Friendly with Option Greeks: Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

Calculating Option Premium: Learn how the price of options is figured out.

Option Chain Analysis: Explore how to read and use an option chain.

One Option trading strategy will be taught additional for those who attend Offline class.


The Invest Chennai Stock Market Training Academy is your doorway to understanding the stock market, especially Option trading, in a simple and easy way. Remember, trading isn’t just about luck—it’s about understanding how things work. With their free classes, you’ll be able to grasp the basics, and if you’re hungry for more, we have advanced courses too. Whether you prefer learning online or in person, they’ve got you covered..
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