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Natural Gas Inventory Effect

Every week Natural gas has an inventory data which have a significant impact on the oil market and its prices. Here are some key points to understand the impact of natural gas inventory:

  • Supply and demand dynamics
  • Price volatility
  • Seasonal factors
  • Market expectations
  • Production and storage decision
  • Weather impact

In order to check the Natural oil news or inventory data you can check or

Natural gas inventory generally comes every week on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. IST, but during the sun outage timing the inventory data come Thursday 9:00 pm IST

In energy product natural gas is very familiar for volatility, so most traders like to trade in natural product.

If natural gas inventory data declines, then the price will shoot up due to an increase in demand; if data inclines, then the price will move down due to an increase in supply.

It is important to note that natural gas inventory levels are typically reported on a regular basis by government agencies, such as the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) in the United States. Traders, analysts, and market participants closely monitor these reports to gauge market conditions and make informed trading decisions.

 MCX natural gas inventory time

Natural gas inventory strategy:

  • Important note: Before trading strategies, one should have a proper stop loss. This strategy is based on winning probability.
  • Once the inventory data is out for a few minutes, sell CE and PE of ATM strikes or OTM strikes at the same time.
  • The margin requirement will be 1 lakh to sell both CE and PE..

This strategy can give you consistent profit. The risk is 1–1.5% and the reward is 1–1.5% on capital, whichever comes first.

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