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Natural Gas option trading

Natural gas option trading is a good opportunity many for traders who want to take advantage of the delta move in options as natural gas moves in one direction so quickly, due to which one can get a good amount of profit in natural gas option trading. But where there is a good profit side, there could be a risk side as well if the market goes against you. Make sure you always have a stop loss in your trading system.

Things to note while trading in the natural gas option:

  • Be careful during inventory time, as it’s extremely risky.
  • Always look at the liquidity before entering the trade.
  • Don’t take fresh trades during the last 2 minutes and option 2 minutes of the market.

In order to look into the option chart, either you can look into your broker account or else you can look at the MCX option chain, which you will get on the MCX website

Natural gas Option chain:

Natural Gas option trading charges:

For entire commodity foundation course is just 300 Rs link is below

  • If you’re some who have traded in Nifty and Bank Nifty option trading, then you might know short straddle and short strangle is a common strategy in option selling.
  • The same strategy can be applied in natural gas during 8–9 pm and close the position by 11–11:20 pm. If you are going to trade randomly with the straddle and strangle strategy, there are high chances you will lose money..
  • But if you learn and start trading, then the chance is very high that you can make a consistent income from crude oil option trading..
  • We have a course for natural gas and crude oil option trading strategies that will be a great way to kick-start you’re trading in short straddle and short strangle strategies and make a consistent income from crude oil option strategies. Direct link to the strategy course

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