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Option Strategy Course in Red Hills

Option strategy course in Chennai

Welcome to Option strategy course. We will be covering the important concepts and techniques which can be used in option strategy trading whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader it doesn’t matter but what will matter is you will be getting knowledge to improve your training skill and have a better result in your trading.

Types of option:

 Understanding about call option and put option. Understanding Delta decay and time decay in options.

Trading strategy:

Directional strategy and non-directional strategy in Option buying and Option Selling like Long straddle, long strangle, short straddle, Short strangle, short iron condor and short iron fly.

Rules based trading:

 Strategy with a fixed entry time, exit time and fixed stop loss.

Risk management:

Understanding the risk management and trading rules which will be very important in your trading.

Trading psychology:

Understanding the realistic approach while trading in option buying and selling.

Ce & PE buying selling:

Difference between call option, buyer and seller and difference between put option, buyer and seller.

Option selling Less margin:

How you can do direction option selling with lesser margin of 25,000 to 30,000.

Margin details for all strategy:
What are the margins required for all the different type of option strategies?

Back testing Analysis:

Strategies with proven and back testing analysis to understand a realistic approach towards the strategy which have been thought.

Closing Price vs settled price:

Understanding the difference between closing price vs settled price


 Understanding the difference between MTM and PNL

Trading settlement process:

Understanding the overall Trading settlement process which is happening in our Indian stock market.

Many more concepts are covered. By the end of this course, you will be capable to trade in options, but you have to practice on your own for a smaller duration and then get into the strategies and trade to generate income by managing a risk and maximising a profit over the period of time.

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